AKS Forensic Workstation

AKS Forensic Workstation

One of the major challenges organizations face is investigating cybercrimes like information leakage, data theft, fraudulent incidents, defamation and criminal investigations. They require a forensic examination of such incidents.

In-order to conduct thorough examination and recover evidences - a high-performant, highly-reliable forensic lab workstation loaded with requisite tools for imaging, recovery of deleted files and analysis of media with capability of cracking passwords is required for creating presentable evidences.

AKS IT Services has indigenously developed a high end lab forensic workstation keeping in mind today's forensic investigation requirements.



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    Data Recovery

    The workstation can be used to recover deleted/corrupted data from media drives. It can also recover data from password protected or partially destroyed media drives

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    Password Cracking

    The workstation can be used to crack password from password protected files and media drives

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    Data Analysis with GPU

    GPU can greatly enhance the capability of analyzing data at a fast rate. The workstation can be used to analyze data from large media devices with capacity ranging in Terabytes.


Model #1


  • Intel Core® i7 Processor
  • Write Blocker
  • Hot Swappable Bay
  • Trooper Chassis

Model #2


  • Intel Core® Xeon Processor
  • Write Blocker
  • Hot Swappable Bay
  • Cosmos II Chassis

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