Information Security Tools

Immunity Canvas

Immunity's CANVAS makes available hundreds of exploits, an automated exploitation system, and a comprehensive, reliable exploit development framework to penetration testers and security professionals worldwide

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Rapid 7

Resellers of Rapid7 security tools

  • Resellers of Nexpose (Enterprise and Community Edition)
  • Metasploit Pro/Express/Community/Framework
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Core Impact

Core Impact Pro is the most comprehensive, commercial-grade penetration testing product available, enabling you to conduct real world assessments across a broad spectrum of risk areas

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The Nessus vulnerability scanner provides patch, configuration, and compliance auditing; mobile, malware, and botnet discovery; sensitive data identification; and many other features. With a continuously updated library of more than 60,000 plugins and the support of Tenable's expert vulnerability research team, Nessus delivers accuracy to the marketplace

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Secure your web applications and websites against vulnerabilities with Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner! Hacking is on the rise and the number of victims is increasing every day. See how firewalls, SSL and locked-down servers can't stop your web applications and websites from being hacked but how Acunetix protects them with:

  • AcuSensor Technology.
  • Industry's most advanced and in-depth SQL injection and Cross site scripting testing.
  • Full HTML5 Support with Acunetix DeepScan Technology.
  • Comprehensive scanning of Single Page Applications and JavaScript-based websites.
  • Mobile Website Support.
  • Detection of Blind XSS vulnerabilities with AcuMonitor service.
  • Automated detection of DOM-based XSS vulnerabilities.
  • Advanced penetration testing tools, such as the HTTP Editor and the HTTP Fuzzer.
  • Extensive reporting facilities including PCI compliance reports.
  • Multi-threaded and lightning fast scanner crawls hundreds of thousands of pages with ease.
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Passive Vulnerability Scanner

The Tenable Passive Vulnerability Scanner (PVS) monitors network traffic at the packet layer to determine topology and identify services, security vulnerabilities, suspicious network relationships, and compliance violations. Passive Vulnerability Scanner provides visibility into both server and client-side vulnerabilities, discovers the use of common protocols and services (e.g., HTTP, SQL, file sharing), and performs full asset discovery for both IPv4 and IPv6, and even on hybrid networks. PVS 4.0 is now available with an integrated interface to provide unparalleled point monitoring for highly-sensitive networks or network segments. With this new PVS format, it can be used by any company, security specialist, or compliance auditor that wants to monitor their networks in real-time, in a non-intrusive manner.

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GFI Languard

GFI LanGuard acts as a virtual security consultant offering:

  • Patch-management
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Vulnerability scanning for computers and mobile devices
  • Network auditing
  • Network and software auditing
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We also build custom security tools.

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